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Møder på Good Morning+ Hotels

Some of our Good Morning Hotels have a small plus (+) in the name. In addition to qualitative and affordable accommodation, those hotels also offer restaurants with a wider range of choices and modern meeting facilities.

Good Morning Hotel’s Meeting Facilities >

To have meetings at Good Morning+ Hotels is easy. We have efficient facilities and solutions for both large and small companies, where our biggest meeting room can welcome up to 400 participants (Malmö). Good Morning+ Sundsvall is something as special as a “floating hotel”, a hotel located on a ship at Sundsvall harbor, which gives an inspiring environment in the re-build Captain Cabins located in the top floor of the ship.

Something all Good Morning+ Hotels have in common is that they are easy to get to, it is easy to park, and they offer customized meeting packages where you can combine breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and accommodation – all according to your needs.

Good Morning Hotel’s Meeting Facilities

Destinationer Hoteller Maks antal
Stockholm Good Morning+ Hägersten 100 siddende


Good Morning+ Malmö 400 siddende
Halmstad Good Morning Halmstad 120 siddende
Helsingborg Good Morning+ Helsingborg 220 siddende
Nyköping Good Morning+ Nyköping 150 siddende
Sundsvall Good Morning+ Sundsvall 22 siddende


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