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Environmental Policy

Concern and responsibility for the environment is an obvious part of the values of all activities of the group.

Hospitality Group operates hotels all over Sweden. All of our environmentally branded hotels work towards reducing the negative environmental impact using these three keywords:


Our hotels are eco-labeled through Green Key Sweden. Green Key is an international eco-label where the hotel must meet established criteria, especially adapted to hotel operations. The label is proof of the work that the hotels do to reduce environmental impact and sustainable entrepreneurship.

We comply with current legislation and regulations in the environmental field and continuously monitor the development of this. We work for annual environmental goals through an action plan, which gives each individual entity the opportunity to minimize its environmental impact.

Our staff receive ongoing training on environmental matters, so that they become our delegates in the daily improvement work. We make strict demands on our suppliers in central procurement of foods, materials and products, they are asked to present their environmental plan for approval.

Our Vision

Ligula’s vision is to provide a better environment, which is also in better balance for the next generations, through our commitment and participation. Our vision is a long-term perspective on how we can maintain a better world for all. We only have one earth, let us therefore take well care of it.

What we do today to reduce our environmental impact on our hotels:

  • We constantly monitor our consumption of electricity, water and energy. We have concluded an energy agreement for all hotels with 100% guaranteed renewable / eco-labeled energy.
  • We reduce the use of non-environmentally friendly chemicals. This applies to dishwashing chemicals, detergents and all cleaning products. Our shower amenities in the rooms consist of decomposable packaging.
  • We only choose eco labelled hygiene paper, office paper, envelopes and packaging solutions.
  • Every year we increase our purchases of environmentally friendly, organic and nutritional foods.
  • We do not buy red-labeled fish unless they are farmed.
  • When planning new hotels or renovations, we require the highest environmental certification for the construction. We always try to reuse our worn out furniture by re-dressing or donating to another hotel during renovations.
  • Our staff receive uniforms from recycled textiles.
  • All our suppliers must have an environmental program that shows how they try to reduce their impact on nature.
  • Business trips are primarily by train, as it is the most environmentally friendly option.
  • We engage our guests and staff in the work towards a better environment. Through our foundation, Ligula Foundation, we contribute to charity purposes, with the main focus on children and animals.