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Travel in Stockholm

Travel with Stockholm’s community system

For the visitor in Stockholm it is easy to see the different parts of the city. With Stockholm’s public transport you can see all tourist attractions in a convenient way. While moving through the city by bus, tram or boat you have a good opportunity to sightseeing some of the most famous sights. The most efficient way of local transportation in Stockholm is the subway, which also takes you further outside the city center if you please. The subway in Stockholm is a popular scene for art and culture. It is often called “the world’s longest art exhibition”.

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Biking in Stockholm

See Stockholm from the bike. You can easily bike through all parts of Stockholm’s central parts in one day. From Gärdet’s and Djurgården’s nature areas to the trendiest parts of Södermalm. On the bike saddle you are able to get away from the tourist spots and see Stockholm from a local’s perspective.

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Stockholm by boat

The water has a central role in Stockholm and gives the visitor an alternative to the busy streets. In addition to the 14 islands, which the city is built on, there is Stockholm’s archipelago. Fjäderholmarna is the closest archipelago island with a 25 minute boat ride. Visiting Fjäderholmarna you are able to enjoy the food or try the local brewed beer.

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