Half-day meetings with Good Meetings

To have your meetings outside the office is both nice and inspiring – maybe even necessary sometimes. 

Your office might not have suitable conference rooms or necessary equipment, plus some meetings require a bit of privacy as well. Whatever the reason, it is always very inspiring and creative with a change of scenery! If you choose our half-day meetings, a meeting room is included, lunch and morning or afternoon coffee with sweets.

Only 300 SEK per person*.

Book your Good Meeting

Book your Good Meeting before the end of December 2018. You easily make a meeting request via the form to the right, where you either can choose a specific hotel or let us suggest a hotel for you by just choosing the city of interest.**

For more information about our Good Meeting hotels, please click on the links below or call the hotel directly: 

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* This offer is only valid at participating Good Morning Hotels in Sweden and regards meetings / conferences hold during 2018. The price, SEK 300 per person, does not include VAT, and are valid for meetings where at least six people participate. The price includes a meeting room, lunch and coffee break (choose morning or afternoon for coffee break). Any additional options made in connection with your reservation are not included. 

** Please note that you are only doing an inquiry using the web form on this page, it is not an actual reservation. The reservation is completed once you hace received a written confirmation from the hotel.  

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