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Corporate information

Ligula Hospitality Group AB is the parent company in a group that owns, manages and develops concepts in the hotel and restaurant industry. The group employs approximately 600 persons on an annual basis, and has a turnover of more than 750 million SEK. Ligula Hospitality Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tastsinn AB.

The parent company delivers leadership support to the operations, mainly within areas such as economy, sales, marketing and development resources. The company also acquires, creates and develops brands and concepts in the hospitality industry.

The hotels operate through subsidiaries, and under brands such as ProfilHotels by Ligula, Collection By Ligula, Motel L by Ligula, Good Morning Hotels by Ligula and Apartments By Ligula. Since 2013, the group also runs two Park Inn by Radisson hotels through a franchising agreement with Rezidor Hotels.

All hotels in the group work under a concept named “The Art of Hotel Living”, which mainly is a system to ensure quality levels on the different brands. Through this concept, the group has a common minimum standard that ensures good accommodation for all guests, regardless of whether they stay at a full-service hotel or a limited-service hotel. The concept in itself is divided into four different cornerstones: Stay Inspired, Stay Connected, Stay Empowered and Stay Passionately.

Currently, the group runs approximately 40 units with the first goal of 50 units. Growth can take place in all known markets. Today, the Group operates in Sweden and Denmark, but searches very actively for new units in both Sweden and internationally. Internationalization is a very important goal in a future scenario.

The group management is placed in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The board of directors has four external members and convene at least four times per year.

The group is a member of both Visita in Sweden and Horesta in Denmark and follows their ethical rules. 

  2016 2015 2014 2013
 Net turnover (TSEK) 812 885  630 392  629 806 444 695
 Balance sheet total ( TSEK ) 323 880  410 515  269 822 155 691
 EBITDA (TSEK) 46 495  206 798  19 454 1 043
 Equity ratio ( %) 55  37  20 31
Return on capital employed (%) 19  210  neg neg