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Ligula Hospitality Group is working with a pronounced expansion strategy, which includes both expansion into new destinations and acquisitions and development of additional concepts and brands. Examples of the latter are the establishment of centrally located design and budget hotel brand Motel L.

In addition, we are constantly developing our hotels with new restaurant concepts to both raise their own guest experience and create attractive meeting places in the neighborhood. Examples of this are the restaurant concept Angelini which we have in five hotels and La Gare which we run in three hotels.


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The company is constantly seeking new ideas to implement, but is also interested in taking over and further developing existing businesses.

Property owners who have property and are considering a hotel or restaurant concept, are of course welcome to contact us. We will, with our range, offer a variety of possibilities and also contract options.   

Do you have an idea you want to develop together with us? A business to sell that you think will fit into our portfolio? Or a real estate that you would like to develop and refine within the hotel or restaurant business? Please contact CEO Uwe Löffler by phone +46 (0)31-80 40 55 or by e-mail Of course we treat all contacts and discussions with great confidentiality.