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Work environment

Work environment issues are important to us, and Ligula Hospitality Group has a group-wide police, that is implemented at all our units.

We are committed to constant improvements of the physical and psychosocial work environment for members of staff, so that health and commitment will be supported for everyone.

A good work environment is a good investment, for the co-workers as well as for the group. This is the responsibility for all managers and leaders in the group.

Through preventive measures, integrated in the everyday work situation, we have the ambition to keep occupational injuries, illness and absence due to illness as low as possible. Technology, organization and the work itself should be designed so that the staff is not exposed to physical or psychological that can lead to bad health or accidents.

All employees of the group are entitled to the same treatment, respect and integrity.

We do not accept any kind of abusive treatment, bullying or harassment in the workplace, or actions that may lead to a situation where members of staff will be pushed out of the workplace community


If occupational injuries or bad health occurs, adequate action must immediately be taken. If the errors cannot be corrected, they must be documented and a timed action plan must be created.

Co-workers that have been subject violence, threats or robberies, will receive professional help.