Charity and Ligula Foundation

We give, all year round

During 2018, the Ligula Foundation donated SEK 600,000 (≈60,000 euros) to charity. The amount partly came from the return on on the foundation’s capital and partly through the 10:- per booking that goes straight to the foundation when you book our hotels here on our website.

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Ligula Foundation

Ligula Foundation is founded by family Löffler and Tastsinn AB together with the subsidiaries and sister companies of the Group, primarily Ligula Hospitality Group AB. The background is a willingness and ambition to help out in the world and thereby contributing to a better society at large.

The work of the Foundation is financed by a fundamental contribution from the family as well as contributions and donations from the various companies in Ligula Hospitality Group. The size of the contributions depend to a certain extent on the number of overnight stays that are booked on-line. 10 SEK per booking made via goes to Ligula Foundation.

Our thoughs about charity

This is not restricted to the countries where we operate: we screen the market once a year, and make a donation to the organization where we see the greatest need for the time being.

We have supported organizations like Doctors without borders, Societas Socialis (SOS), Save the Children, Unicef, Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital and others

We have also supported Nordens Ark for a number of years, as a fodder partner. Nordens Ark is a private non-profit foundation, that works to give endangered species a future. They breed, research, educate and inform about biological diversity. At the moment, we hope that our support will help to increase the endangered wolverine population, and support the measures taken to improve the habitats where the animals live naturally. Earlier, we have supported the Maned Wolf and the Lapland Owl in the same fashion.

Through financial support and visits in the area, Ligula Hospitality Group has also supported children that have been victims of one of the oldest armed conflicts in the world: the persecution of the Karen minority in Burma, where several thousand refugees, many of the children, have fled over the border to Thailand.

We are engaged in an orphanage in Thailand, where our support mainly consists of direct purchases of food, clothes, renovations and other daily needs. We also give direct support to two young women with a university education, by providing financial support for school fees and accommodation.