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Environmental Policy

We aim to minimize our impact on the environment and therefore think it’s important that environmental work is a natural part of the daily work.

Ligula Hospitality Group operates 45 hotels at 22 destinations in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany. Our environmental policy defines the company’s principles for environmental work, which are clarified through objectives and action plans in order to reduce our negative environmental impact. We are constantly working on continuous improvements in all our using these three keywords:


We aim to minimize our impact on the environment and therefore think it’s important that environmental work is a natural part of the daily work. Through our active environmental work, we identify and seize opportunities for a positive impact as well as avoiding adverse impacts. By integrating environmental aspects at all stages of our operations, we contribute to a longterm sustainable society.

We comply with current legislation and regulations in the environmental field and follow the development continuously. We work with annual environmental goals through action plans that give each individual entity the opportunity to minimize its environmental impact.

Our employees receive ongoing training on environmental matters so that they become our representatives in the daily improvement work.

We make strict demands on our suppliers in the central purchasing of foods, materials, and products.

Our Vision

Through commitment and active participation, We strive to leave behind a better and more balanced environment for future generations. The key is to adopt a long-term sustainable perspective that helps create a better world for all.

What we do to reduce our environmental impact

  • We constantly monitor our consumption of electricity, water, and energy.
  • Our energy agreements guarantee 100% renewable/eco-labeled energy.
  • We are constantly increasing our use of environmentally friendly products. This applies to dishwashing chemicals, detergents, and all cleaning products, etc.
  • We choose eco-labeled hygiene paper, office paper, envelopes and packaging solutions.
  • We increase our purchases of environmentally friendly, organic and nutritional foods every year.
  • We do not buy red-labeled fish.
  • We require the highest environmental certification for renovations or new constructions.
  • We recycle our furniture by redecorating or finding new places for them when renovating.
  • Our employees wear uniforms from recycled textiles.
  • Business travel is primarily done by train – as traveling by train is the most environmentally friendly option.
  • We engage our guests and employees in the work towards a better environment.
  • Through Ligula Foundation, we contribute to charity purposes, with main
    focus on children and animals.