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Our view of the world is the same view that we have of our guests and our clients – we do our best to make sure that everyone will feel at home with us. There is a number of foundational values that all members of staff should comply to. We work actively with gender equality and strive to counteract all kinds of discrimination, for example when it comes to gender, ethnic background or sexual orientation. We leave politics outside of our daily work and professionally we have no points of view on political or religious affiliation.

Gender equality

By gender equality we mean equal possibilities for men and women, regardless of their background or ethnicity. This applies to work, terms of employment, education, development and general work conditions.

The goal of Ligula Hospitality Group and our work with gender equality is to make sure that all members of staff reach their full potential in terms of experience, knowledge and values. This leads to higher job satisfaction and efficiency. Today, there are more women than men employed by the company, and our ambition is to reach balance on all levels of the company, including the management.

In order to achieve gender equality and that everyone should feel that this is a priority, the following should be pursued by the company and on every unit.

  • Every unit manager is responsible for achieving the goals and making everyone aware of the goal.
  • Equal opportunities for development and promotions.
  • The rork environment must make sure that neither women, nor men are stopped from being employed.
  • When recruiting, diversity and gender equality must be analyzed and be a part of the process.
  • Any type of sexual, religious, political or ethnical harassment is prohibited.