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Culinary experiences

Welcome to manor Ronnums Herrgård hotel and restaurant. A fantastic setting that will remind you of times gone by.

A restaurant and hotel in the heart of Vänersborg’s countryside, manor Ronnums Herrgård presents wonderful dining experiences where every meal is a small feast. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and the menus are composed after season. We will be happy to help you choose the appropriate wines for our menus from our well-stocked wine cellar. A fantastic setting that will remind you of times gone by.

The Manor dates back to the 14th Century, with classic interior and an inviting and warm atmosphere. An hour from Gothenburg, surrounded by verdant nature and dearly hospitality. There is always time for you.

Please, have a seat

With us you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinners and more. Please visit our restaurant page (the button on the right) for more information about our menus, opening hours and more.

The more the merrier

Are you planning a big party / celebration (wedding, graduation reception, birthday party etc) or a business event (kickoff, customer event, team building etc)? Whatever the reason you have to celebrate, we will help you with food and drinks in a magnificent setting!