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Discover Bad Oldesloe

The picturesque town of Bad Oldesloe, framed by the rivers ‘Beste’ and ‘Trave’ is located in the middle of the idyllic hilly landscape of Schleswig-Holstein, between the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg and Lübeck.

This versatile recreation area offers all nature lovers and adventurers quite a few hiking and biking trails as well as extensive water landscapes. On the northwestern edge of the city is the largest inland salt marsh in Schleswig-Holstein, the Brenner Moor Nature Park, which is perfect for beautiful hikes.

The downtown of Bad Oldesloe invites everyone to its beautiful cafes, restaurants, and stores. In addition, the history is close to feel in this small town. Popular historical places are, for example, the Hude, a historical goods transfer point where Trave and Beste flow together, the Heiligengeistgang or also called Heiligen-Geist-quarter, the former water mill, and the Peter-Paul church. If you want to learn a little more about the history of this place, you can also visit the local museum.

Day trips to Hamburg and Lübeck, each about 40 minutes by car from Bad Oldesloe, are also worthwhile. These cities, rich in history, offer numerous activities, cultural institutions, culinary offers, and sights.



Peter Paul church 3 km
Museum of local history “Heimatmuseum” 3 km
Spa garden Bad Oldesloe 3 km
Heiligengeistgang 3,2 km
Brenner Moor Nature Park 4 km
Nütschau Monastery 5km
Nienwohlder Moor 12 km
Baltic Sea 40 km




Tennis course Kurpark 3 km
Swimming hall – Travebad 3 km
Minigolf Bad Oldesloe 3 km

Bicycle rental

Kultur- und Bildungszentrum, Beer-Yaacov-Weg 1, 23843 Bad Oldesloe

3 km

SUB rental – SUB 54

 Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 2, 23843 Bad Oldesloe

3 km
Lake Poggensee 5 km

Canoe rental – Kanu-Verleih Thomas Meins

Schmiedekoppel 21, OT Schlamersdorf, 23843 Travenbrück

6 km
Timmendorfer beach 40 km
City and Nature tours  


Golf courses


Golf-Park Sülfeld 27 holes 10 km
Golfclub Reinfeld e.V. 9 holes 14 km
Golf-Club Jersbek e.V. 18 holes 11 km


Biking and hiking trails


Search for clues on the salt trail


Brenner Moor – Brenner Moor Runde von Bad Oldesloe
Brenner Moor – Brenner Moor round from Bad Oldesloe


Travewanderweg – Blick auf den Herrenteich. Runde von Bad Oldesloe
Hiking trail on the Trave River – View of the Herrenteich lake round from Bad Oldesloe


Waldweg durchs „Auenland“ – Tolle Wege entlang der Beste. Runde von Kupfermühle
Forest path through the “Auenland” – Great trails along the Beste River. Round from copper mill


Bahntrasse EBOE – Gravelstrecke am Moor. Runde von Rümpe
Railroad road EBOE – Gravel route on the moor. Round from the Rümpel

Biking & hiking

Rohlfshagener Kupfermühle – schöne Nebenstrecke, Runde von Bad Oldesloe
Rohlfshagener copper mill – beautiful side road, round from Bad Oldesloe


Lachswehr (alter Travearm) – Holstentor Runde von Bad Oldesloe
Lachswehr (old river branch from the Trave) – Holstentor round from Bad Oldesloe




Current events


Mozart festival 22 (Hamburg) 07/04 – 09/04/23
Hamburg international music festival

28/04 – 07/06/23

834 Port Anniversary

05/05 – 07/05/23

Hamburg Harley Days

19/05 –  21/05/23

Elbjazz (Hamburg)

09/06 – 10/06/23 


The Altonale is the largest cultural festival in northern Germany for all art, literature, theater, film, music lovers and fans of culinary and street festivals.

16/06 – 02/07/23
MS Dockville 18/08 –  20/08/23

Reeperbahn Festival

The Reeperbahn Festival is the largest club festival in Europe and the international platform for pop culture and the music industry.

20/09 – 23/09/23