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Start the day with
our generous breakfast!
Have a great morning starting off with our
savory breakfast

Breakfast at
Good Morning Hotels

Breakfast is always included if you book your stay with us via our website

It is said by many that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether that is true or not, we put a lot of effort into our breakfasts, aiming to give you a great start to your day!

We select all ingredients with great care, thinking quality and a wide variety – to please all tastes and preferences. Whether you are a yogurt person or a sandwich person in the mornings, you will find something that suits you. Coffee, tea and various juices are offered together with several options of yogurt, muesli ingredients (so you can mix it according to your own taste), cereals and toppings consisting of cheeses, charcuteries and vegetables.

Warm options, such as bacon, beans, meatballs and eggs (whole eggs and scrambled eggs) are also served, as well as several kinds of bread and fruit. Of course, we also have options for those with allergies.

Our breakfast buffet is served from 6:00 am every morning at all Good Morning Hotels – apart from Good Morning Arlanda, where we serve the breakfast at 4.00 am already for those with early flights.

Best of all – if you have booked your stay via our own website breakfast is included!


But first, coffee

Refuel with a coffee!

We know that the mind and body simply does not function without coffee, so we make sure to serve you a perfect cup of coffee, when you need it. Our coffee is taste optimized by a professional certified barista, to give you a perfect cup of coffee, with each cup. 

The coffee we serve, can be enjoyed with good conscience. Our coffee supplier is continuously working to educate coffee farmers in sustainable farming and planting new coffee plants which contrubutes to increased revenue for the farmers. When you drink a cup of our coffee, you are also supporting these efforts to secure coffee for the future.