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Good Food at Good Morning Hotels

Good Food doesn’t have to be that complicated. By “good food” we mean qualitative ingredients, eco-labeled meat and fish, food without additives such as preservatives or artificial coloring, Fairtrade coffee, organic tea, vegetarian options and suppliers with the same values as we have.

We cook all the food in our own kitchens, and for as good a result as possible, we have acquired the latest technical equipment on the market.

“Eco-labeled meat and fish” means that the animals are bred in a good way, that they have been given good food – that is, without artificials or addatives that speed up their growth/weight, not over-fertilizing the soil and choosing more environmentally friendly machines / tools and transportation. In a next step, we have chosen to collaborate with suppliers who don’t add additives to the food, such as preservatives that keep the food longer in an artificial way.

During fall 2017* we are launching our Good Food concept at all Good Morning hotels. (Please check respective hotel page, to see if the Good Food concept has arrived at your chosen hotel.) As a guest at one of our hotels, you will always be able to have something to eat that is good for you, for the environment and for your wallet. No matter what Good Morning hotel you stay at, you will find our burgers, vegetarian burgers and fish’n chips on the menu. In addition to these 3 signature dishes, there is always a good selection of delicious and appetizing starters, main dishes and desserts – available all evenings of the week until 11:00 pm.

* Please, find more info on the respective hotels’ landing page, to see if the concept has reached the hotel you plan to visit!