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GM burger with aioli dip and fries 
178 sek

GM veggie burger with pickled onion, aioli dip and fries 
159 sek

GM Fish-and Chips with remoulade sauce
178 sek

Salmon with potato cake and hollandaise
172 sek

Chicken skewers with coleslaw, aioli and fries 
145 sek

Minced meat pie with a small salad
145 sek

Pan-fried diced potatoes, onions, chicken or beef, served with fried eggs and beets.
142 sek

Grilled sausages with mashed potatoes
152 sek

Chili cheese sausages with mashed potatoes
155 sek

Falafel with root vegetables and mangoraja sauce
143 sek

Small pancakes with jam and whipped cream
93 sek


Vegan brownie
75 sek

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce
65 sek


Minced meat pie with a small salad
145 sek

Croque Monsieur with cheese, ham and tomato
125 sek

Nachos with cheese & jalapeños
95 sek

Hot vegan snacks with vegan cheese dip
75 sek





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