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Travel in Gothenburg

Travel with Gothenburg’s community system

With Västtrafik’s various travel options you can see all the different sights of the city. Travel in Gothenburg by tram, bus or boat to get around. Getting to Gothenburg’s various districts is easy for those who are new to the city. You can buy both 1-day tickets and 3-day tickets through Västtrafik. Be sure to seek information about which ticket you need before you begin your journey.

For more information please visit:
Västtrafik home page

Bike in Gothenburg

See Gothenburg from the bike. You can easily get through Gothenburg’s various districts in one day by bike. You will find a nice bike ride from the park Slottsskogen’s green areas to the center of Gothenburg. It’s on the bike that you can really get away from the big tourist spots. See the city at a slow pace from the perspective of a local.

Gothenburg by boat

There are many different ways to cross the river in Gothenburg. Gothenburg has a long history of beeing famous for seafood, fish and it’s harbour. Enjoy thenight in town or head to one of the fantastic islands in Gothenburg’s archipelago.

For more information please visit:
Vasttrafiks home page