Between November 10 and December 22, you are welcome to enjoy our wonderful Christmas buffet! 

Christmas dinner

Enjoy our delicious buffet served directly at the table! Beer, wine and soft drinks are included in the price. Please see our menu below!

You will find something for all tastes – salmon, herring, shrimp, sallads, roast pork, long baked duck, saugage, fish filet, ris a la mande and more. 


  • 3 kinds of herring: curry, marinated and fried
  • Variations of salmon: lemon marinated, smoked
  • Shrimp & eggs with homemade mayonnaise
  • Cucumber salad
  • Salad with orange, nuts dressing and cranberries


  • Roast pork, red cabbage, brown potatoes and sauce
  • Fish filet with remoulade and lemon
  • Long baked duck with dried plums, apples and anise
  • Sausage with white cabbage sauce


  • Ris a la mande with cherry sauce
  • Beer, wine and soft drinks included

Price per person: 695:- Dkr





Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 5:30 –10:00 pm
November 10 – December 22

Reservation and information

Sven Strempel
Phone: +4533705738