– Gothenburg, 20 December 2017

Ligula Hospitality Group keeps on expanding

Ligula has signed an agreement to build two more hotels in the south of Sweden – in the cities Lund and Halmstad.

During the second quarter of 2020 two more hotels will be built under the parent company Ligula Hospitality Group. One of the hotels will be located in Lund, under the brand Motel L. It will have approximately 260 rooms and will be located in a new district called Brunnshög in the northeastern part of Lund, close to the research facility ESS and the world’s highest resolution electron microscope MAX IV. The E22 motorway and Lund’s upcoming tramway will be close by and the area surrounding the hotel will consist of homes, offices and service outlets.

The other new hotel will be located in Halmstad, under the Ligula brand ProfilHotels, with approximately 240 rooms. The hotel will be adjacent to the new travel center in the city center of Halmstad, close to one of the city squares. New housing projects are planned for in the same area and are under construction.

Both our new hotels will be developed by Magnolia Bostad together with Ligula Hospitality Group, and built on a turnkey contract with Serneke. The owner of the properties will be the pension company Alecta.

“We are very happy to expand our hotel portfolio with these two new hotels, says Uwe Löffler, CEO of Ligula Hospitality Group. It will be our third Motel L, and the first in the southern part of Sweden. Our new hotel in Halmstad will be our twelfth ProfilHotel. We are already established in both cities, and with this further expansion we confirm our strategy to expand more in cities where we already are established.”

Ligula’s signing of these two new contracts is in line with the Group’s expansion plans. Ligula has continued plans to grow in Sweden as well as in other major cities in the Nordic countries and Scandinavia. Ligula is also exploring possibilities to expand in other major cities in the rest of Europe and other interesting parts of the world.



Uwe Löffler, CEO Ligula Hospitality Group AB, phone + 46 (0)708-11 49 72