We welcome Marie Lundkvist toLigula!

On December 1, 2020, Marie Lundkvist started her new job, here at Ligula Hospitality Group.  She will be the company’s new Distribution Specialist. Her great ambitions and previous experiences are exactly what we need at Ligula. To get to know Marie a little better, we have asked her some questions. Below you can take part of her interesting answers.  

Who are you?
– I’m originally from Halmstad but have lived in Gothenburg for 20 years. I’m happy to live here even if I love to go home to Halmstad with my husband and our two children every summer. I like to travel, cook new and exciting food, invite friends, listen to music and go to concerts.

What is your role at Ligula?
– My main tasks will be distribution, pricing, and optimizing profitability. I will also focus on the three new hotels that will open in 2021. It feels very exciting to have the opportunity to develop together with Ligula Hospitality Group.

What have you been working with before?
– Most recently I worked as a Profit Manager at Nordic Choice and before that, I was almost 9 years at Scandic Hotels as a Senior Revenue Manager. I have also worked as Revenue manager and booking manager at Avalon Hotel and been reception manager at Hotel Opera.

What are the best things in the hospitality business?
– It is a vibrant, exciting, and very fun industry that provides a lot of energy. It is an industry that has the potential to develop in digitalization and improved processes, it feels exciting to be part of that journey.

What is your ambition for the coming year?
– Get to know Ligula Hospitality Group and our various brands together with my colleagues and to find new ways to develop, optimize profitability while always focusing on the guest. I’m looking forward to the day when the restrictions are released, then I will see Håkan Hellström live at Ullevi again, hang out more often with loved ones, hug more, and finally get to experience that our beloved hospitality business sees the light again.

If you could choose who you want, all over the world, who would you like to have a hotel breakfast with?
– During the year I have worked as a volunteer at the Red Cross. I have shopped for a 95-year-old lady who has not been out the door since March. I would really like to take her out and offer breakfast to hear her life story.

Welcome to us!