Food & beverages

Adjacent to ProfilHotels Aveny is both a restaurant and a bar to choose from when you get hungry – restaurant Angelini with an American-Italian cuisine and pub Pipes of Scotland with a pub menu that goes well to the wide range of beer, wine, cider and more that is offered.

At Angelini we serve our generous breakfast buffet every morning and lunch from Monday to Friday.

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Welcome to ProfilHotels Aveny’s lovely breakfast!

Our lovely breakfast buffet offers different kinds of bread, several kinds of cheese and a variety of cold cuts such as pastrami, turkey, liver pate, smoked blackened chops and more. You will find warm dishes as well, such as bacon, scrambled eggs, meatballs, sausages, boiled eggs and baked tomatoes. And different kinds of juices, yoghurt, cereals, smoothies, fresh fruit, cookies, coffee and tea and more.

If you have allergies, or are a vegetarian – we offer various alternatives as well. Our opening hours for our breakfast buffet may vary, for questions about opening hours contact the hotel 090-13 41 00.