During spring and summer, you can relax under the bare sky, with the wonderful view of the city’s main square, while enjoying a nice dinner with refreshing drinks from our cocktail and champagne bar.   

À La Carte at Restaurant Statt Verandan


À La Carte Menu

Smörrebröd on dark rye bread, 49:-
piece Beef pastrami | Capers | Deep fried onions Pickle | Mayonnaise

Pickled herring | Smetana | Planed red onions | Chives | Fresh potatoes

Nachos, 55:-
Wild garlic | Salsa

Sweet potato fries, 65:-
Wild garlic Aioli

Garlic Levain sourdouch bread, 65:-

Statts Shrimp sandwich – Small 89:- / Large 169:-
Freshly baked Dark rye bread | Eggs | Mayonnaise | Lettuce

Caesar Salad, 159:-
Without chicken and bacon, 129:-
Romain lettuce | Chicken fillet | Bacon sprinkles Grilled avocado | Sourdough croutons | Shredded parmesan cheese

The grilled steak of the evening (200g), 229:-
Truffle butter | Tomato ragu | seared broccoli | Sweet potato fries

Veal escalope, 189:-
Wax Beans | Deep fried capers | Roasted potatoes

Iberico ribs, 159:-
Chili and apricot glaze | Coleslaw | Baked potato | Roasted garlic butter

Slow cooked beef brisket, 159:-
Warm potato salad | Shredded horseraddish | Fried onions

200g Ground chuck burger, 169:-
Monterey Jack cheese | dijonnaise | Pickled onions | Bacon | Fries

Replace fries with a small salad.

Vegetarian option available.

Fish’n chips, 169:-
Tempura fried cod | Soy mayonnaise | Pak choi | Grilled lime | Sweet potato fries

Seared salmon fillet, 159:-
Summer greens | ChimiChurri with Wild garlic | Risotto

Slow cooked grilled celeriac, 149:-
Summer greens | ChimiChurri with Wild garlic | Risotto

Do you crave for something sweet?

Our desserts are a bit smaller. Pick your one or more favourites and enjoy a buffet of desserts.

Crème brûlée, 45:-
Topped with raspberrys

Vanilla and sour cream pannacotta, 45:-
Yuzu | Savoiardi crackers

Boiled apple, 45:-
Cardamom crumbs

White chocolate mousse, 45:-
Tart rhubarb | Pistachios

Ice cream and strawberrys, 45:-

Chocolate truffels seasonal, 21:-/piece
From Johannas chocolate