We present a menu for our restaurant and pub,
Restaurant Statt Verandan and Pipes Of Scotland. Welcome to enjoy the sun from our porch in the sun, inside our charming city hotel Environment, or genuine pub!

On the menu you will find classic city hotel dishes in traditional style and pub dishes with perfectly suited beverage selections. Sparkling bubbles, good wines, refreshing non-alcoholic alternatives, summery cocktails and long drinks as well
as a greater selection of beer, whiskey and rum from our pub.

We take care of you as our guest and focus on a safe and secure environment!
We therefore ask you to respect our general restrictions and to keep a distance between the tables.

We wish you a tasteful experience. Take good care !


Garlic Bread 65:-

Sourdough baguette | roasted garlic aioli 

Statt’s Shrimp Sandwich    Small 105:- Large 179:-

Freshly baked dark rye bread | hand peeled shrimps
eggs | mayonnaise | lettuce

Pub platter 129:-

Three types of select cold cuts | nacho | salsa
aioli | marinated olives

The Veranda´s cheese plate 125:-

3 selected cheeses
the House’s own seed crispbread | jam

Whitefish roe tacos x 2  149:-

Fried gyoza leaves | whitefish roe | sour cream
red onion

The Veranda’s shrimp salad 179:-

Green salad | romaine lettuce | shrimps | egg
cucumber | cocktail tomatoes | parmesan dressing
dark rye bread croutons

The Veranda’s vegetarian salad 159:-

Green salad | romaine lettuce | fried tempeh
red onion | cucumber | cocktail tomatoes | radishes
soy and sesame dressing | roasted pumpkin seeds

Smoked salmon 189:-

Asparagus risotto | dill oil

Fish and chips 189:-

Tempura fried cod fillet | grilled lemon
remoulade sauce | french fries

Corn fed chicken fillet from Öland 189:-

Warm potato salad | summer vegetables
mustard dressing

Pipes’ bacon and cheese burger 189:-

Roasted garlic aioli | pickles | pickled red onions
pepper jack cheese | tomato | bread | french fries

Halloumi burger 179:-

Roasted garlic aioli | pickles | pickled red onions
tomato | bread | french fries

Tagliatelle with shredded beef fillet 199:-

Creamy gorgonzola sauce

Tagliatelle with mushrooms 149:-

Creamy gorgonzola sauce

Veal schnitzel 249:-

Butter tossed peas | lemon, anchovy and caper butter
red wine jus | roasted potatoes

Grilled beef fillet 259:-

Bearnaise sauce | red wine gelé
baked cocktail tomatoes | french fries

– Craving something sweet? –

Our desserts are a bit smaller. Pick your favourite
or several and enjoy a dessert buffet.

Brownie 55:-

Salted caramel sauce | roasted hazelnuts

Cheesecake 55:-

Fresh berries 

White chocolate mousse 55:-

Raspberry compote | mini meringues 

Lime marinated strawberries 55:-

vanilla cream

Our own homemade chocolate truffles 15:- piece


Psst… the menu is served to us who are 12 years or younger!

Pasta, 59 sek
Bolognese | cheese

Hamburger, 69 sek
salad | tomato | dressing | pommes frites

Grilled meat, 69 sek
sweet potato fries| herb aioli

Fish n´chips, 69 sek

– After dinner ice cream is served to all children –

Warm Welcome!