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Spa Treatments at Ronnum Manor


Ronnum Manor cooperates with Hudlyftet, an established and well-known company within beauty care. Anna Olofsdotter, who runs the company, has a long experience of massage and skin therapy, working only with natural cosmetic products.

Hudlyftet offers many different treatments that can be tailored according to your wishes and needs. So why not treat yourself to a luxurious body massage or facial treatment while visiting Ronnum Manor’s relaxation?

Massage therapies

A Classic Swedish Sports Massage has a very positive effect both physically and mentally. It softens tense and sore muscles, increases you blood circulation, cleans out toxins, increases the amount of oxytocin in the body (peace and tranquility hormone), reduces stress, is calming and also increases the well-being.

Select the type of massage that suits you best, depending on your needs. If you are not sure, please feel welcome to discuss it with your massage therapist.

Luxury body treatments

A body scrub is a full body peeling that removes dead skin cells, leaving you skin velvety smooth. A warm salt cream is massaged in to your skin, and after the scrub a warm shower awaits. The full body scrub is ideal before sunny holidays, as it gives a smoother and more long-lasting tan. Choose between a salt scrub or a chocolate scrub.

  • Salt scrub is an effective body treatment for those with a normal skin type. It is a mixture of sea salt and vegetarian and essential oils with a nice, fresh fragrant. This scrub is both invigorating and cleansing.
  • The Chocolate scrub is relaxing and suitable for those with a sensitive skin type. This delightful and slightly chocolate-scented combination of sea salt, cocoa butter and cocoa is perfect for dry skin. The Cocoa butter is moisturizing, softening, and the cocoa stimulates the production of endorphins.

Facial treatments

  • Aqua Nature is a moisture bomb with a lifting effect. The secret behind this treatment’s amazing effect is a blend of botanical hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, cucumber, green tea and algae. The skin’s moisture depots will be built up and stimulated, which leaves the skin silky and smooth.
  • Orange Blossom is a vitamin C boost that gives a fresh glow. The vitamin C concentrate, from organic oranges combined with fine oils, such as jojoba and macadamia nut, stimulates and nourishes the skin. The wonderful essence of oranges gives this treatment an extra sense of pleasure.
  • Calming Support is a relaxing treatment for stressed and sensitive complexions. This treatment consists of a nourishing massage, with concentrates of beneficial fatty acids (GLA) and antioxidants, that will give your skin that little extra boost that is so well needed for a tired, dry and worn complexion. A soothing face mask is added as well, that both strengthens and protects with the kindest nature has to offer.
  • Just For Men is a relaxing and nourishing treatment with products that suit the male complextion. You will get a cleansing, exfoliation and relaxing facial massage with a face mask. The treatment ends with a facial serum and a day cream and eye cream.


Contact the reception at Ronnum Manor and we will help you book a time for a treatment.

You can also call us on phone number +46 (0)521-26 00 00

Prices: All prices include VAT.

Massage Therapy

  • 1 hour Classic Sports Massage / Full body massage, SEK 745
  • Extra 90 min. Classical Sports Massage, SEK 1.075
  • 30 min. Classic Sports Massage / Half body massage, SEK 525
  • Extra 45 min. Classic Sports Massage, SEK 595
  • 15 min. Test Treatment / back massage, SEK 295

Body treatments

  • 30 min. Body Scrub ( a salt or chocolate scrub), SEK 525
  • 90 min. Body Scrub plus full body massage therapy, SEK 1.095


  • 40 min.  Aqua Nature (moisture), SEK 595

  • 40 min. Orange Blossom (dry skin), SEK 595

  • 40 min. Calming support, (sensitive skin), SEK 595

  • 40 min. Just For Men (newly shaved), SEK 595

  • Test treatment / facial, SEK 295

One hour with a Personal Trainer, SEK 795