A classic in historical setting, what might be the best cocktail bar in Copenhagen – welcome to the Library Bar.

In our hotel Copenhagen Plaza you will find a classic Copenhagen institution: The Library bar. A fantastic setting that will remind you of times gone by. Sit down in a comfortable Chesterfield armchair and enjoy the best drinks in Copenhagen. The old noblemen on the oil paintings will have to confine themselves to looking – at you, and the book shelves along the walls, filled with leather-backs and first editions.

In the bar, there is also a big Wall of fame, telling stories of the notorious jetsetters of the past, and their grad and spectacular parties.


Music has always played a central part at the Library Bar, even though it is not considered as a music scene. The greatest love is the love of jazz, and on selected Saturday evenings the bar is filled with tunes from different jazz bands. Small, intimate concerts with a few selected and devoted jazz lovers.

The well-known Danish musician Thomas Blachman and his orchestra Ginman – Blachman – Dahl recorded their album At the Plaza – The Library Bar Concerts here.  This album is the first in Danish music history to be published at the legendary jazz label Verve.

Live music is still a vital part of life in our bar, so keep your eyes open!


Champagne, cognac, whisky and cigars have been the hallmark of the bar since it first opened in the 70s. Before the smoking ban was imposed in 2007, the bar was known as the best cigar lounge in Copenhagen. Today, the cigars are gone, but single malts and champagne are still on the drinks list together with our main focus today – drinks and cocktails.

Contact us

The Library Bar

Bernstorffsgade 4, Copenhagen

Tel +45 (0)33-14 92 62

Fax +45 (0)33-93 93 62


Opening hours

Monday – Thursday 16.00 – 22.00
Friday 15.00-22.00
Saturday 13.00-22.00
Sunday 13.00 – 19.00

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Is this your view today with a well crafted cocktail in your hand 🍸🥂🍾

Remember our rock’n’whisky event tomorrow afternoon 🎸🎸🥃

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We are now a certified with an organic batch 30-60%.

Since summer we have worked towards getting here, and we will keep improving. So come and enjoy cocktails today with organic ingredients, homemade syrups, homemade bitters and homemade purés.

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The tradition continues! 🎄🎄🎅🤩

Yesterday our Christmas Tree were put up upside Down as usual, and decorated by the staff.

The tradition started by Erik Berring who started decorating Plaza in 1971, it is unclear when the Tree tradition started, but we Think it was in 1974, where the Tree was decorated with exactly 1248 Christmas balls and 120 angels 🎄🤩

Who will you invite in to see the Tree?

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Remember we do Virgin cocktails too. From the left we have the Appleberry Virgin Mojito, Epic Regret Delight and finally to the right Orange Fox on the Beach.!
The taste amazing despite the missing liqueur, which ofcourse can be added by request - Orange fox is amazing with Vodka 😉 cheers and good weekend to all! 🥂🥳

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In about a week something will happen above this cocktail in the ceiling - upside down ofcourse 😉🧐🤔

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Have you tried our Shakespearian?

It is made with Bourbon, Amaretto, organic lemon juice. organic pumpkin spice syrup, and our own raisin bitters.

The perfect cocktail for the dark and cold winter times.

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Finally, friday has arrived! Celebrate it with cocktails tonight in the bar! 🥂🍹🥃 For example this Manhattan, Old-Fashioned or a New York Sour 🤩😋

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What about a hot Irish Coffee with Black Barrel Whisky topped with a cream with hazelnut liqueur and cinnamon syrup 🤩😋 perfect drink in these cold days that are coming ☕️🥃

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Today we lost one of the biggest actors ever, nonetheless the very first James Bond.

Today we honor Sean Connery with our House Cocktail - Great Scott.

Lets look back at all the memories and history he created with his work, while enjoying this masculin Talisker cocktail, that of course is “shaken, not stirred”.

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Ever tried Hemmingsway’s- Death in the Afternoon? It is absinth with champagne. Rumors said he had it half an half.. we do it with a bit more champagne 🥂🍾

Is it your cocktail for tonight? 🥳

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Treat yourself for Halloween

Try one of our 2 house cocktails with pumpkin.

Library Choice with Havana 15, pumpkin syrup, homemade sage bitters and vanila liqueur or

Shakesperian with Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, Amaretto, lemon juice, pumpkin spiced syrup and our own raisin bitters.

Do we see you in the bar this weekend?

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Today we had the honor to host the predrinks for the Galla Premiere of the new movie “Madklubben”. 🇩🇰🇮🇹

We wish them a good premiere 🥂🍾 and hope you will go and see the movie 😉🎬

Remember that you can book your next event in our iconic bar 🤩

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Sometimes all you need is just a good old classic like a Negroni. 🥃🤩 ...

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A you ready to enjoy lovely crafted cocktail tonight? 🍹🥳
We are ready for a good evening, do we see you? 🥂

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Tried our new House Cocktail Fleur-De-Lis.

The cocktail is a deep purple, well balanced between the sweet and the sour, with a complexity and fragance of renaissence.

It is shaken with fresh blueberries, fresh basil, basil syrup, lemon juice, Lillet Blanc and dry gin.

Try it tonight 🍹🥂

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How to make Espresso Martini at home without Espresso Machine. Best recipe for the weekend!

It is very easy, actually all you need is grounded coffee/Coffee beans (preferably espresso or dark roast), water, Kahlua and Vodka. Freshly grounded coffee of freshly roasted beans makes the best result.

Start the day before by making a strong cold brew coffee by using 128 g coffee pr. 75 cl. Water, we use mineral water due to the high level of chalk in the water in the city. Let it rest in a cannister for 16 hours (Shake once in a while), and after 16 hours pour it through a coffee filter. The coffee last for a couple of days but after 3 days, it will not deliver the expected foam on the Martini.

Then shake 4 cl Vodka, 4 cl coffee, 1,5 cl sugar syrup and 1,5 cl Kahlua in a shaker with ice, shake, pour and serve.

You can also try other variation eg. With Hazelnut liqueur, whiskey and salted caramel syrup as we do it.

Share and tag us with your versions of your Espresso Martini.

And remember you are also welcome to get it served in the bar, we are open and ready for good times 🍹🥂

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We are ready in the bar today 🥂

But we know some of you stay home these days. Therefore we will share a recipe with you to improve your home bar, with this upgraded G&T:

4 cl dry gin
2 cl Lemon juice
1,5 elderflower Liqueur or just elderflower juice or cordial
1,5 cl sugar syrup

Shake and pour this over ice. Top up with tonic 6-8 cl. And serve with mint leaves and some befries for garnish.

You can exchange lemon with red grape and elderflower with Campari for a more bitter version.

Sugar syrup is easily made by boiling 1 part water and 1 part white sugar

Enjoy - if you make it please share a picture and tag us.

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“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne” - Bette Davis

We think this goes for all us these days... 🥂

We are ready with champagne, face mask, distance and of course happy times 🥂 hope to see you 🥂

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Did you know that it is 50 years ago that The Library Bar opened? The room is from 1914 where the Hotel was build, but the bookshelves arrived in 1970 and the bar changed name from Globelinsalen to The Library Bar.

We planned to celebrate it here in september but the new Covid regulations made us postpone it. However we expect to celebrate in october 🥳

This is our Anniversary Cocktail made with @havanaclub 15 anejo rum, sage bitters, spiced pumpkin syrup and vanila Liqueur - served in a glass with smoked from burned thyme - you Can try the cocktail tonight - along with the rest from our new updated menu. Do we see you? 🥂

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