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Breakfast at ProfilHotels

Get a great start to your day with our breakfast buffet.

Since childhood we have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – whether that is true or not, you will get a wonderful start to the day with our generous breakfast buffet!

Our breakfast is composed with great care and love for good ingredients and quality. Among other things, our buffet includes a big variety of bread, with everything from a classic sourdough loaf, to our own baked dark bread with fruit and nuts.

Cheese is a welcome necessity as well. You will find the Swedish classics Herrgårdsost and Wästgöta Kloster, cottage cheese, a creamy Brie and blue cheese. You will also find good charcuterie with sausages, ham and pates from our supplier Johan i hallen, that has been our partner for years back. They deliver top-quality ingredients, with no preservatives or other additives.

To add some Omega 3 and increase the nutritional intake over all, we serve a good herring and Swedish marinated salmon. With a choice of cereal, nuts, coconut and dried figs you are also able to mix your own muesli with your personal favorites. Fruit, smoothies and rawjuice-shots are offered as well.




For those of you with allergies or a sensitive stomach, we offer a breakfast selection where you can quietly enjoy the first meal of the day without concern that these products will be mixed with the rest of the breakfast. Our ambition is to offer a breakfast that includes everything you need to get the most perfect start to the day!